for years artists have tried various products to help our customers with the pain of getting a tattoo, but most of them have caused adverse reactions during the tattoo process or healing...a couple of years back i came across a product that i have used since called Vasocaine or what ive come to nickname as hogpiss(long story)...i learned of the product from one of my artists who was getting some work on his stomach by one of the premier artists in the nation at a convention...right away i was impressed on how well it works and so were my clients...the only trick to it is that you cant use it right away but after weve done a bit of tattooing we can spray it on and it absorbs in through the work we have already done and wicks out from works excellent for the long pieces you have always wanted but didnt think you could sit through the pain...there are certain types of tattooing that it doesnt work for because of the techniques used but for the most part it can really help with that soreness you get towards the end of your tattooing when it just feels raw... i would say 90% of my clients i have used it on say there is no pain what so ever after its applied and it generally lasts about 20 minutes before you need to put more on...i have only had a few people that didnt get full relief and fwer still that didnt get next time your getting work by me ask for the numbing stuff by name Vasocain or say just put some hogpiss on me and lets make your tattoo experience partially pain free