If Closed During Posted Hours

one of my biggest pet peeves with not only my shop but others, is not being open during posted hours...in years past this would have never occured at FYT2...but unfortunately when i made the decision to keep FYT to a smaller private studio with me being the only artist and no counter help, it makes it very hard to take care of things that need to be done during my normal hours...so i apologize for everyone that stops at that shop to find it closed during the posted hours of 9am-5pm...  in most cases they are things that cant wait until after hours, like supply shopping, medical/dental visit

Grand Tattoo You tattoo convention August 14-16

I will be attending my first solo tattoo convention this weekend at the Grand Casino Hinkly and while my schedule is pretty full already I may have time for a few small ones in between the big stuff   If you spending the weekend with the special someone dont forget to stop by the booth and get your free LifeStyles condoms while supplies last

See you soon



A few summer hints

Hope everyones having an excellent Start to the summer. Remember keep in mind put sunblock on healed tattoos only, not a fresh one.  Do not submerge freh tattoos underwater as well, you can wash them with soap and water but no lakes or pools as this can cause saturation and very poor healing.   Plan your tattoos around your summer trips or vacations and dont get them before heading to mexico or jamaica.  Schedule ypur appointments well in advance, time slots fill fast and i have very few oppurtunities anymore for walkins.   Oh and i finally am selling my artwork.

Tips when using Pinterest and other social media for tattoo ideas

When gathering reference material for your tattoo on the internet and other social media outlets such as pinterest, keep in mind that most artists like me prefer not to copy tattoos directly and we like to make subtle changes to the designs.   Of course some very popular designs have been tattooed hundreds of times and can be copied  as is.   


The tax rush is coming

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is surviving our weird winter. The tax return rush will be in full effect soon so now is a great time to stop in and set up an appointment with me and get your tattoo all healed up before the summer season bets here and its harder to take good care of them

Shop Minimums, and what they dont tell you

So i have been getting a lot of calls lately asking what my shop minimum is .  So id like to take a quick moment to talk about pricing.   Calling shops and finding out what their minimum is will tell you nothing of what your tattoo will cost.  It can take apprentices,artists and counter help years how to correctly charge for a tattoo and in most cases counter help is not authorized to give quotes, so you thinking you will be able to figure out how much your tattoo will cost by shop minimums is completely the wrong way of going about it.

BAD TATTOOS!!! lets talk cover up and laser treatments

So many of you know coverups are one of my specialties, as long as we follow some simple rules I have had great success and have sucessfully covered some bad tattoos that other artists wouldnt touch.

Here are my rulles that I like to follow

1.the new design has to be 1-2 inches bigger than the tattoo we are covering, but the bigger your old on  is or the more black thats in it, the bigger it has to be. Never try to make your design the same size as the old one

CALENDAR feature working now

so i had this option added to the original site but i never really implemented it...there is still a few bugs to iron out with it but even now its working pretty nice...what you can use this calander for is a way for you to check my schedule to find out my availability and how far out i am...the way i have it set up it will always be pretty up to the minute, you wont be able to book your appointment online, that will still have to be done in person with a $50 depoist, but you can at least check it against your schedule, then stop in with your references and your date in mind and we can then


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