Lets make the pain go away with numbing spray

for years artists have tried various products to help our customers with the pain of getting a tattoo, but most of them have caused adverse reactions during the tattoo process or healing...a couple of years back i came across a product that i have used since called Vasocaine or what ive come to nickname as hogpiss(long story)...i learned of the product from one of my artists who was getting some work on his stomach by one of the premier artists in the nation at a convention...right away i was impressed on how well it works and so were my clients...the only trick to it is that you cant use i

August 18: Baby coming

my girlfriend was due to have our baby on August 18...as of now the little guy still isnt here yet, but i will be in the shop as much as i can before and after but i apologize now for any inconvenience i may cause if you come to the shop and find it closed during normal hours...best thing to do is call the shop at 763-576-0518 and make sure i am in, if you get the recording i am not...i will however be working pretty steady through this is just may be a little more sporadic so please be patient with me while i enjoy bringing in a new family artist to the world

2017 New Hours

Starting 7/13/2017 I will be changing up the hours at the shop.   Monday-Wednesday will still be my classic 9am-5pm but Thursday-Friday will now be noon-9pm.  I will still will of course will work outside my posted hours with a prior appointment set up.   If you would like to stop in and chat outside posted hours call the shop and see if I am able to be here for a time thats is conveniant for you.

Happy New Year

well i hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season..only a few months left of this winter season to get your tattoos all healed up and ready to display for summer...get in now while im not booked weeks out


So about 10 years ago the shop was huge and i had multiple artists working for me and at that time everyone in the shop was charging $150/hour.   When the economy started to fail I decided then that to stay competitive I would drop the hourly rate to $120/hour.   Its now time to return the higher hourly rate so effective immediately my price will be $150/hour again.   I have been talking about doing this for several years and have been warning many of my good clients and most agree with the decision.

Crazy Year...Check schedule for Openings

so i havent had much oppurtunity to write up anu new posts this year...the shop has been super busysince last december...i finally am hvaing my first slow down of the year, which is the usual back to school slow down...so if your looking to get some work in i have openings available here and there throughout the week...also i did want to mention again after dropping my hourly rate back to $120 hour about 10 years ago i am raising it to $150/hour starting immediatley

Finally Found and Fixed the Broken Contact link

sofor quite some time there was a broken link in the contacts page of my site, i had fixed part of that link awhile back but it turned out there was still a broken link which has been founf and repaired now...i apologize for any emails sent out from the contact page that were never responded too...i do also get quite busy at times and it can take some time for me to get back to emails...if you have not heard frm me within a week you may need to just shoot me call or wait just a bit longer...i do usually get around to answering all my emails eventually




Summer Walkins are Unlikely

So while it was my shop years ago that intorduced saturday walkins to the state of Minnesota and since switching to a smaller private studio, I pretty much work by appointment only these days.   I can however do the occaisional walkin but only if you happen to be in the shop when I have had a last minute cancellation.   Typicaly calling me to find out if I have walkins available will almost always get a response of No, Im not trying to be rude, its just the nature of the business. Looking at the CALENDAR on the website will give you an idea of my availablity though

TATTOO CONVENTION April 22-24th at Grand Casino Hinkley

so i will be working the tattoo convention april 22-24 at the grand casino hinkley...i have limited spots available and im booking fast...so if you would like to be a  rock star and get tattooed in front of a crowd stop at the shop and book some time with me there...otherwise come hang out and strut your stuff and enter your work in the contests whether its my work or someone elses


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