Forever Yours Tattoo Studio was opened in November of 1994 in a little strip mall in Ramsey Minnesota. I started tattooing off of a typewriter stand and a couple of sets of steel drawers. As word of my reputation grew I added more artists and soon outgrew my location and needed to move to something bigger.

First move brought us to the corner of 2nd and main St in Anoka. The shop wasn’t much bigger, but we laid it out so we could have 4 artists and a private piercing room. The move to Main St Anoka also added a fulltime piercer instead of Tattoo Artist doing double duty with piercing along with tattooing. At the time piercing was blowing up fast and we were busier then most shops, eventually making us one of the leading shops in Minnesota. For a time we were actually 3rd in the nation in solid gold body jewelry sales, including sales of several pieces selling for over $1000. Unfortunately the owner of the building we had moved into turned out to be quite the slum lord and I decided to look for a new location. So for the second time I moved, but this time it was a short one right up the street on 1st and Main st in Anoka. The new shop is the biggest yet with 5 private rooms, a private piercing room and a huge lobby.  Now the shop is calling Elk River home.   Ive actually downsized and have decided to get away from the big shops and go about it on my own, since that decision I have been the happiest I have been in years.   Th enew shop is amazing and my artwork is climbing to new levels.

The tattoo industry has gone through many changes since I opened that first shop in Ramsey, I’ve watched many fads come and go. Tattoos such as Tazmanian devil and tribal armbands mimicking the pro wrestler Goldberg which were widely popular in the 80’s through the 90’s. Tramp stamps and Kanji became popular shortly after that and are still popular to this day Now you have fake reality TV shows that now show a very scripted, unrealistic view of our industry and prompt customers to over exaggerate any meaning they want in their tattoos turning their tattoos in collages of symbolism that real deadens any creativity that tattoos can be.